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Executive Assistant

Looking for a goal-conquering executive assistant that doesn’t back down from a challenge.

I’m not gonna lie, the work can be demanding at times. We are a growing company with BIG goals and as an executive assistant, you will be in the middle of all the details.

I’ll fire more things at you than you can even write down sometimes.

If the situation requires, our workdays are 10 hours.

I have crazy ideas all hours of the day including weekends and shoot them to my team.

I’m learning to let people do stuff how they want to do it as long as it works.

My team hears me coming down the hall – my pace is quick and we get things done.

Now for the good:

You will not be bored, ever. You will have to reign me in at times.

You will be around brilliant, successful, amazing people that I’m blessed to have as friends, colleagues, and members of my family.

I am beginning to transition to a season where I travel more and my assistant will have to work with me being remote at times.

You will learn more than you could in any university about this industry. We are constantly developing, breaking into new things, and launching. Our BIG goals keep us motivated.

Seriously I need someone who is awesome and independent but not needy. I need someone with a backbone that is kind, patient at times, and knows when to push me or push back in general. You have to be tech-savvy and confident in yourself and your abilities. Sometimes, you have to pull more than your load and not get worked up about it. You have to be a learner and a fast one. If you’re a fit for this job you already make daily lists of everything you need to do AND you make sure the items get done before bedtime. I will request that you take several personality assessments right off the bat. If you’re one of the AWESOME people who think this sounds like a fun challenge and something you would love to experience, send an email to

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